High school №116 St Petersburg

16/2 Novosibirskaya Street, 197342 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Mintsis, Dmitri Alexandrovich
High school №116 St Petersburg

High school №116 is situated in St. Petersburg. The "City on the Neva" is the second largest city in Russia (in terms of population). Located in the northwest of Russia, it is the "capital of the north" and the northernmost city in the world with more than one million inhabitants. On average, it has about 62 sunny days per year, the average annual temperature is +5.6° and the solar radiation is 2.8 kWh/m2.

The grammar school was founded on September 1, 1966. The main areas of focus for the high school are physics and mathematics (from the 8th grade) and the humanistic field (from the 5th grade on). The school is attended by 770 students, who have access to various additional educational programs, including technology, physical education, science, social education, tourism and local history, and art. Pupils also have the opportunity for in-depth foreign language education in English and German.

Thanks to the successful participation in various international Olympiads, the high school belongs to the TOP-500 educational institutions in Russia and TOP-10 in St. Petersburg. It has won the prestigious national project "Education" three times.

The high school has been a member of the initiative "Schools: Partners for the Future (PASCH)" since 2008. It also maintains several international projects, including academic exchange programs with the Luisenstift Gymnasium in Radebeul, Germany.