High school №32 Kaliningrad

6 Podpolkovnika Ivannikova Street, 236040 Kaliningrad, Russian Federation
Belyakova Viktoria Nikolayevna
High school №32 Kaliningrad

High school №32 is located in Kaliningrad – the westernmost city of Russia, situated between Lithuania and Poland on the southeastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Due to the transitional climate, from maritime to moderately continental, the average annual temperature is +8° and solar radiation is 2.8 kWh/m2.

Kaliningrad high school №32 was founded on March 15, 1964, in the historical building of the former Königsberg University. Today the school is attended by over 1,700 pupils. It is one of the first schools in Kaliningrad to offer programs of in-depth specialized education in physics and mathematics, philology and linguistics, chemistry and biology, as well as in the socio-economic field. Classes are taught in Russian. Foreign languages courses include English, German and Polish. The high school also offers additional specialization programs in various subjects: IT, natural science, sports, art, tourism and local history, as well as the socio-educational field. The school belongs to the TOP-100 schools in Russia (2017) with its physics-mathematics specialized education.

High school №32 has received federal funding for the development of a center for creative technologies and digitalization. It has also successfully participated in the "Star of the Future" project for the creation of IT classes and in the All-Russian competition "Schools – Leaders of Educational Quality" ("Школы – лидеры качестваобразования").

The school has been a member of the initiative "Schools: Partners for the Future (PASCH)" since 2018. It maintains Partnerships with various educational institutions abroad, including the Schiller School in Dresden and the Pierre Trudeau International Gymnasium in Barleben. There is also a trilateral Russian-Polish-German cooperation with the Goethe Center in Olsztyn, Poland.