High school №36 Krasnodar

52 Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, 350000 Krasnodar, Russian Federation
Davydova, Nadezhda Nikolayevna
High school №36 Krasnodar

High school №36 is located in Krasnodar in southern Russia near the Black and Azov seas. Thanks to the transitional climate, between mild continental and subtropical, the average annual temperature in Krasnodar is +13.4° and solar radiation reaches an average of 3.5 kWh/m2.

The school building was built in 1886, based on a design by the architect V. Filippov, which bears witness to its cultural-historical value. Today the student body counts 970 pupils in 33 classes. The educational process is implemented in an humanistic orientation. For many years the teachers have been improving their work with gifted children by conducting, among others, the specialized Olympiads for students of 5-11 grades, small Olympiads in Russian and mathematics for elementary school pupils, individual and group sessions of specialized circles and summer math schools. The children take part in scientific and practical conferences "Eureka" and "Eureka JUNIOR" as well as in various competitions and festivals. The high school thus pursues the goal of supporting gifted children and giving them the opportunities for creative self-realization.

The high school is a laureate of the Competition of General Educational Institutions in Russia, a laureate of the Prize for Administration of Krasnodar Region in the field of quality of teaching and a member of the Club for Quality of Education in Russia. It also implements various social projects and has a school museum for the history of the High school, which was awarded the title of the best school museum in Russia in 2007. Its work is aimed at fostering in pupils a sense of patriotism, citizenship, humanism and moral values. High school №36 is one of the TOP-500 schools in Russia, as well as one of the RAW schools (Schools of the Russian Academy of Sciences). 

The high school has been a member of the initiative "Schools: Partners for the Future (PASCH)" since August 2009. In addition, it maintains a partnership with the Kant-Gymnasium in Karlsruhe.