School №1502 “Energy” Moscow

10A Molostovych Street, 111555 Moskow, Russian Federation
Chudov, Vladimir Lvovich
School №1502 “Energy” Moscow

School №1502 "Energy" is located in Moscow, the capital of Russia. The most populous city in Europe is situated on the Moskva River and is located in the west of Russia. On average, the region records about 72 sunny days per year. The average annual temperature is +4.9° and the solar radiation reaches 2.9 kWh/ m2.

The school was founded on September 1, 1989. Today the school comprises 9 buildings: lyceum №1502 at MPEI, school №1254, school №799, school №905 and several kindergartens, which used to function as independent institutions. Currently, 4,092 children and adolescents attend the facility, comprising 457 kindergarten pupils and 3,635 high school students. In addition to the general education program, the school conducts additional programs in engineering, physical education, science, social education, tourism and local history, and the arts. 457 clubs and sections for supplementary education with 3,428 members are part of the optional course program. There are various educational projects in the school, including "Engineering Class in Moscow School", "Academic (Science and Technology) Class in Moscow School" and "IT Class in Moscow School".

The school has the unique digital experimental laboratory "FabLab" for 3D modeling. Since September 2016, School №1502 has been a trial site for the city project "Moscow Electronic School". For this purpose, the school has received funding from the Mayor of Moscow thanks to its above-average educational results in national comparisons. The school is one of the TOP-100 schools in Russia.

School №1502 has been a member of the initiative "Schools: Partners for the Future (PASCH)" since 2008. The school maintains close partnerships with all German-speaking countries within the framework of the urban competition for research and creative projects "Motifs of the German Language".