W. I. Lenin high school №1 Ulyanovsk

15 Spasskaya Street, 432011 Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation
Klokov, Alexei Alexandrovich
W. I. Lenin high school №1 Ulyanovsk

High school №1, named after Vladimir Illich Lenin, is in Ulyanovsk. The city itself is situated on the banks of the Volga River and belongs to the European part of Russia. It has a temperate continental climate with an average annual temperature of +5°, solar radiation reaches 3.1 kWh/m2.

The school is the oldest educational institution in Ulyanovsk. The origins of the modern high school begin with the Main People's College, founded in 1786 in Simbirsk by a decree of Catherine II. Today the school is attended by about 1,000 students. The high school offers in-depth specialized education in physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, sociology as well as the humanistic and socio-economic fields. In the upper secondary school (from the 2nd grade on) English is learned as a foreign language and as a second foreign language the students can choose between German and French.

The high school participates in regional and national competitions and is, among others, the five-time winner of the competition "The 500 best schools of Russia" and belongs to the TOP 25 best schools of the Ulyanovsk region. The school annually belongs to the TOP 100 of general education schools, which requires a high level in the field of mathematics and science. It is also one of the RAW schools (schools at the Russian Academy of Sciences).

With the support of the Ministry of Education of the Ulyanovsk region, the high school successfully implements innovative programs such as "Gifted Children", "Health", "Informatization of Education" and "Professional Self-Determination of Students".